Family Wellness in the Golden Plains Area

Strong People Stay Healthy

This program is designed to teach strength exercises for middle-aged and older adults.  The exercises use hand and ankle weights to increase leg and arm muscle strength, maintain or improve bone density, and develop better balance and flexibility. Classes meet 2 or 3 times each week for 12 weeks.  Weights used are based on the individual's health and fitness assessment.  A doctor's approval is required for individuals with chronic health conditions.  Participants benefit most by continuing in this exercise program beyond the 12 weeks series to keep up their strength and independence.  With guidance from the mentor or coach and the Extension agent, exercises can be modified to fit the individual needs of the participant and to help keep the program challenging.  Check with your local Extension office in the Golden Plains Area for more information on current times and locations for classes.

A Matter of Balance

Falling is not a normal part of getting older.  Due to a new initiative in Northeast Colorado, older adults can now participate in a 8-session fall prevention program. A Matter of Balance uses group discussion, problem-solving strategies, and simple balance exercises to help older adults develop positive coping skills to prevent falling.  As a result of the program, older adults take action for making changes in their physical environment and mental attitude that reduces their fear of falling which allows them to remain active and independent.


To learn more about this program, contact:

Gisele Jefferson at 970-345-2287 -;
Joy Akey at 970-332-4151 -;
Tracy Trumper at 970-854-3616 -

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