Money Management

Financial, mental, physical, emotional and relational health are key components of well-being. Stable and successful individuals, families, and communities are important to the growth, development and health of our society. When people are in a state of financial and relational wellness, they are in control, confident and focused. They have greater balance and stability so they can concentrate on the most important tasks at hand such a weathering difficulties and making progress toward their goals. Family and financial stability education creates strong communities.
Several Colorado and national Extension resources are available on a 24/7 basis to assist you with information and education in these areas of your life. We encourage you to check out the following resources; and contact us if you have a specific topic with which you are needing help.
Small Steps to Health and Wealth CSU Extension provides a variety of short video segments and tools with recommendations and considerations for healthy eating, physical activity, and financial management, as well as a source for motivational strategies for making daily progress toward a healthier and wealthier life.
Family, Home & Consumer Publications are available at the CSU Extension website to assist you with issues of everyday life related to Energy; Family – Kids, Elderly and Relationships; Finances & Work; and Housing.   Finances & Work CSU fact sheets provide some in-depth discussion on topics of personal credit and debt, financial emergency preparedness, and long-term care planning – just to name a few.  While you are there you can scroll up to the section of publications for Family – Kids, Elderly and Relationships for a variety of fact sheets dealing with common family issues.

National Extension resources are also at your fingertips at where you can search for topics on Personal Finance, Family Caregiving and Parenting, and many others.

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