Diabetes Webinar Education

Colorado State University Extension, Family and Consumer Science Agents of northeast Colorado have historically partnered with local entities to join in the fight against Diabetes.  Now, with the help of technology these educational opportunities are not just limited to the northeast area of Colorado, but across the whole state and nationally with the implementation of a Diabetes Webinar Series.  Doctors, professors, Diabetes educators and other healthcare professionals are able to share their expertise about diagnosis of, treatment of and management of Diabetes.  All webinars are recorded, archived and links posted for viewing anytime.


Upcoming Webinars




Golden Plains Area Diabetes Webinar Series

I know what I'm supposed to Do, So Why Can't I Do It? by Dr. Polonsky

“Foundational Awareness” by Maria Moellenberg, LMFT


“The Mediterranean Diet and Diabetes” by Jessica Clifford, RD, CSU Extension Specialist


Neuropathy & Foot Care for Diabetes by Dr. Thomas Hecker, DPM


Weight Management for Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes - Dr. Colby Jolley, DO 


Exercise for Prevention and Management of Type-2 Diabetes - Barry Braun, Ph.D.


Kidney Smart by Shanon Roberts, PD Nurse


 Diabetes 101 - Judy Weimer FNP-C, MSN, MBA, CDE, CHFN


Medication Management for Diabetes -- Judy Weimer FNP-C, MSN, MBA, CDE, CHFN


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