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WRAY CO  80758

Dec 2016 Ag Newsletter

2016 Golden Plains Area Ag Handbook Orders
Navigating the Online Energy Information Landscape
Colorado Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program
Economic and Environmental Potential of High Plains Cover Crops
Project Learning Tree and Environmental Education Council Meeting
Late Blight
More Freeze Damage
What Can the Past Tell Us About Range Management? Part I
What Can the Past Tell Us About Range Management? Part II
Observations From the Range…
Holstein and Beef Production
Agricultural Handbook Order Form
.Ag Market Prices


Sept 2016 Ag Newsletter

A.I. Scholarship Grant
Saving Wheat Seed
Reducing Summer Fallow with Grain-type Field Peas:  New Markets, New Opportunities
Grain Storage and Temperature
COFT Trials
Yuma County Jail Garden Program
Colorado Master Gardener Program Applications
Opportunities for Fall Weed Control
Julesburg Elementary Participates in Carton2Garden
Tri-State Horticulture Symposium
Western Bean Cutworm and Spider Mites in Field Corn Need to Be Monitored
Monitor Cornfields for Spider Mites
Do You Have Employees?  Are You Prepared for Changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act?
To Spray or Not To Spray: Partial Budgets May Hold the Answer
Mineral Antagonism
Youth Conservation Camp Report
.Ag Market Prices

June 2016 Newsletter

General Spray Mixing Order
Grazing Livestock Nutrition
2016 Wheat Field Days
CSU Releases New Wheat – Avery
Pest Sweep Program a Success!
Ten Things to Check Before Planting Season
It Is Time for Monitoring Alfalfa Weevil in Colorado
Lower Population of Grasshoppers Predicted in 2016, Still Monitoring Is Required
Challenges of Farmers on the Financial Rollercoaster
Estimated 2015 ARC-CO Payments
Plant Select 2016 Introductions
Plant Select Petites
Sustainable Garden Certificate
Freeze & Borer Damage
Crevice Gardens
Ag Market Prices
Wheat Field Days Schedule

March 2016 Newsletter

Tri-State Horticulture Symposium
Golden Plains Area Facebook
Mineral Supplementation for Your Herd
5000 Pound Per Acre Sunflower!
2015 GPA Agricultural Orders Are Being Taken Now
GPA Agricultural Handbook Order Form
Weather and Agriculture 2015
Dreaming of Wisteria
Winter Flowers
Food Waste:  Compost or Redistribute
Garden Chores for April
Considerations for Spring Cheatgrass Control
Understanding Your 2014 ARC-CO Payment
Tri-State Horticulture Symposium Registration Form
Ag Market Prices

Dec 2015 Newsletter

Beef Quality Assurance Certification
$1 Million Dollar Grant
2015 CSU Crop Clinic
2015 Colorado Ag Classic
Lawn Rust
Fall Watering
GPS Hort Blog
Controlling Prairie Dogs
Ag Market Prices

Sept 2015 Newsletter

2015 Colorado Film Tour
Building Better Cows Flyer
Saving Wheat Seed
Seed Treatments Strongly Recommended for the Wheat Crop
Wheat Planting
Yellow Corn
CSU Crops Testing Program Wheat Results
Preventing Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus
Is This Happening With Your Trees?
Falling Leaves
The Rare and the Unusual
ARC/PLC Participation Rates Nationally and in Colorado
Ag Market Prices

June 2015 Newsletter

Upcoming Events
Area County Fair Dates
Get to Know Your Agriculture Extension Team
CSU Extension Rates High With Commissioners
2015 Livestock Disease Update
Freeze Damage to Wheat
Freeze Injury On Wheat
Replanting Options After Hail
10 Things To Do To Manage Resistant Kochia
General Spray Mixing Order
Colorado Wheat Field Days 2015 Flyer
Cool Temperatures and Moisture Yields Lush Green Grass
FireWise Plants
Eco-Garden Friendly Certificate
Five Common Mistakes In Grain Marketing
Ag Market Prices


March 2015 Newsletter

Upcoming Events
2014 Golden Plains Area Agricultural Orders Are Being Taken Now
Preconditioning Calves
Pest Sweep
Growing Lavender
FireWise Landscaping
CSI Northeastern Colorado to Premier March 3rd
Leaving a Lasting Legacy
Ag Market Prices
Landscape Seminar Flyer
Colorado Wheat Field Days 2015 Flyer
CSI Northeastern Colorado Flyer
A Lasting Legacy
2014 Golden Plains Area Agricultural Handbook Order Form


Dec 2014 Newslwetter

Corn Stalks
How Weed Resistance Develops
Grain Storage Tips
10 Tips to Matching the Right Variety to the Field
Kit Carson County Right to Farm and Ranch Policy
Rangeland Drought Forecast and Winter Range Conditions
Fall Cold Snap
Increased Apple Production
Shot Hole Disease
Care of Poinsettias
Care of Christmas Cactus
Farming Evolution 2015
Online Tools Help You Navigate the 2014 Farm Bill
Ag Market Prices
2014 Farm Bill Trainings Flyer
Farming Evolution 2015 Flyer
2015 Cow/Calf Symposium

September 2014 Newsletter

CSU Extension Hosting Natural Gas Symposium Viewing Session
Before You Buy Feed
Farm Bill. Livestock Forage Disaster Program
Should I Treat My Wheat Seed?
Late-Season Pasture Management
Catnip, Not Just for Cats!
Earth-Kind® Roses
Ag Market Prices


June 2014 Newsletter

    Irrigation Pumping Plant Assessments
    Minimizing Hay Waste
    Freeze Damage to Wheat
    2014 Grasshopper Populations and Potential Infestations in Colorado State University
    Are You Scouting for Alfalfa Weevil in Your Fields?
    European Elm Flea Weevil on the Plains
    Nitrates in Water
    The Ever Present Dandelion
    Electric Mowers
    Ag Market Prices
    Colorado Wheat Field Days 2014
    Irrigation Pumping Assessments Flyer
  • April 2014 Newsletter
    • Tips for Proper Tree Pruning
      Emerging New Use for Seed Coats
      Agricultural Commodity Assessments
      Leasing Solar Panels
      Ten Things to Check Before Planting Season
      Reseeding Rangeland
      Livestock Record Keeping
      More Than Milk:  Nutrition During Lactation
      Tips for Growing the Best Tomato
      Earth Hour, Your Power
      Ag Market Prices
      Colorado Wheat Field Days 2014 Flyer
  • Feb 2014 GPA Ag Newsletter
    • Calendar of Events
      2,4-D Resistant Seeds
      Grain Bin Safety
      Transgenic Corn Advances
      Pesticide Applicators Recertification Meetings
      Benefits of a Community Garden
      Back Pain Didn’t Mean the End of Farming
  • Dec 2013 GPA AGNewsletter
  • Sept Oct 2013 Newsletter
  1. Yield Monitor Calibration
    Harvest Tips for Lodged Corn
    Cheatgrass Bacteria
    Tips for Growing the Best Tomato
    Horticulture Tips For Late Season
    Focus Groups, Community Gardens and Access to Fresh Food
    What Minerals Do Plants Need?
    Plants Need Winter Watering
    Prairie Gardens of Sedgwick County
    Colorado State University’s Center for Agricultural Energy Offers Reduced-Cost Irrigation Efficiency Audits and Decision Tools
    2013 COFT Wheat Variety Results
    Ag Market Prices
  • July 2013 Newsletter
    Brian Talamantes Begins Extension Career in Sedgwick County
    Golden Plains Area Agricultural Handbook
    Saving Wheat Seed
    Growing Certified Wheat Seed
    Weed Resistance to Herbicides
    Considerations for Cheatgrass Control
    Three Toxic Plants to Avoid
    Green and Growing
    Zimmerman Pine Moth
    4-H Clover Garden
  • May 2013 Ag Newsletter
    • Calendar of Events
      Importance of Colostrum
      In the Scientific Journals:  Co-Products & Swine
      Registration Open for the Colorado Ranching Legacy Program, Ranch Practicum Series
      Testing Dormant Wheat for Life
      Managing Spring Wheat Freeze Injury
      Northern Colorado Pest Alert Program for 2013 Crop Season Will Start Soon
      Gardening Trends for 2013
      Vegetable Varieties Recommended for the Plains
      Plant Select® New Petite Perennials
      CSU Extension Drought Summit Available Online
      Colorado State University’s Center for Agricultural Energy Offers Reduced-Cost Irrigation Efficiency Audits and Decision Tools
      Recent Storms Give Northeast Colorado Pastures a Boost
      Ag Market Prices
      Colorado Wheat Field Days 2013 Flyer
      Irrigation Efficiency Audits Flyer
      Federal Animal Disease Traceability Rule Goes into Effect
  • November 2012 Ag Newsletter
    Calendar of Events
    All for the Cost of a Test
    Alternative Feeds Clinic
    Do You Manage Drought?  Or is it Managing You?
    Grain Bin Safety
    Plains Gold!
    Wheat Variety News
    10 Tips to Matching the Right Variety to the Field
    10 Tips for Corn Yield Calibration
    Herbicide and Crop Rotation
    CSU Crop Science Teams Harvest
    Blister infestation in Northeastern Colorado
    Agricultural Energy Offers Reduce Cost Irrigation Efficiency Audits
    Area Trees and Their Interesting Facts
    Winter Watering
    Akron Community Garden
    Burlington Community Garden
    Holyoke Community Garden
    10 Questions 2012 Agriculture Census
    Workshops Empower Farmers and Ranchers to Take Better Care of Their Families
    Gear for Working Smarter with AgrAbility Flyer
    Irrigation Efficiency Audits Flyer
    2012 Colorado Ag Classic Flyer
    Cow/Calf Producer’s Program Flyer
  • July 2012 Ag Newsletter
  • April 2012 GPA Agricultural Newsletter
  • January 2012 GPA Agricultural Newsletter
  • November 2011 GPA Agricultural Newsletter
  • September 2011 GPA Agricultural Newsletter

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